Living Wall Activation

Engaging Nature-Inspired Experiences

Discover the transformative beauty of our custom moss walls, where nature's elegance meets artistic innovation. Each moss wall is meticulously crafted using vibrant, preserved moss and other natural elements, creating a living masterpiece that breathes life into any space.

Ideal for businesses, event planners, and nature enthusiasts, our moss walls can be tailored to reflect your brand's identity or a special sentiment. Whether you're looking for a unique backdrop for corporate events or a stunning installation for your office, our moss walls bring the serenity and vitality of the outdoors inside, making a lasting impression.

Powerful Damas

Made this piece to embody the brand using their theme colors as well as adding a personal touch of the Amethyst crystals that are not only powerful crystals but also from their homeland of Brazil.

These two Brazilian ladies @danivwc and @mayrabritobrt are the founders of this global marketing agency that promote gender equality by delivering positive social impact and women’s empowerment with their community and clients.

Home Is Where The Aloha Is

Inspired by Bri's years living in Hawaii, "Home is Where the Aloha Is" captures the essence of the islands' vibrant and ever-changing landscapes. This stunning moss wall uses a rich palette of colors to mimic the lush wetlands and diverse natural beauty of Hawaii.

Each element in the piece reflects Bri's deep connection to the islands, bringing to life the spirit of aloha and the tranquility of nature. Transform your space with a commissioned piece that embodies your personal journey and the beauty of nature.

Reach out to us to create your own unique, nature-inspired masterpiece that tells your story.